Grand Prix: Best European Short
Three boys (Gianfranco Boattini, Italy)

Grand Prix: Best European Short Documentary
County lines: Grooming & Exploitation (Adam King, UK)
Honorable Mention
Deer Bell (Edit Jakab, Hungary)

Grand Prix: Best European Super Short Film (under 10 min.)
Honorable Mention
Padre (ML Post, Italy)

Grand Prix: Best American Short
The Last Embrace (Diego Contreras, USA)
Honorable Mention
The Catastrophe (Kendall Christianson, USA)
LA PIETRA (The Stone) (Nikita Hattangady, USA)

Grand Prix: Best Asian Short
Shadow under the Bed (Yu-Le CHANG, Taiwan)
Honorable Mention
Halves (Divyanshu Asopa, India)

Grand Prix: Best Short
Neven (Adrián Adamec, Slovakia)

Grand Prix: Best Short Documentary
The Curse Effect (Gregg Jaden, USA)

Best Indie Short Film
Bonding (Luke Rex, USA)
Honorable Mention
The Feast (Mariam Bitsadze, Georgia)
Routine (Roberto López Carneiro, Spain)

Best Student Film
GRAU (David Pohlus, Germany)
Honorable Mention
Guguto Memeto (Branislav Stosic Jeza, Bosnia and Hertzegovina)
GENTLEMAN SOFA RIDER (Atef Maslah, France)

Best Animation
Legacy (Tamás Ivády, Hungary)

Best Experimental
The Smugglers of Silence (A CONTRE-BANDE) (Olivier Simon, France)
Honorable Mention
Eicha: The Book of Lumenations (Adeena Michelle Karasick, ?)

Best Director Short
Karma is a Hitch (Oliver Kahl, Germany)

Best Female Director
Section 2 

Best First-Time Director (Short)
Ten Out of Ten (Imre Mazlo, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
The Sculptor's Wife: A Love Story in Documentation (Traci L Slatton, USA)

Best Director Student Film
Paloma (Loïc Viatte, Switzerland)

Best Music Video
They are watching you (Quentin Bernard, France)
Honorable Mention
Lunikk - Violet Hour (Todd Iliev, Bulgaria)

Best Director Music Video
Mom told you so (Cécile Cournelle, France)

Best Web/TV Series
CUT! (Marie Lazovic, France)
Honorable Mention
Mille (Arnaud de Grandry, Cédric Fleury, France)

Best Drama
Our Males and Females (Ahmad Alyaseer, Jordan)

Best Comedy
A Deadly Mistake (Dariusz Henka, Poland)

Best Horror
My Baby (John Dada, France)

Best Thriller
The white horse (Goran Mihailov, Romania)

Best Sci-Fi
Honorable Mention
Bisected (Danny Pineros, USA)

Best Fantasy
The Hourglass (Alexandre Bilardo, Switzerland)

Our Males and Females (Ahmad Alyaseer, Jordan)

Best Inspirational
We Dance for Life (Ian Sciacaluga, UK)

Best Actor Short Film
Those Who Follow (Arton Bunjaku, Germany)

Best Actress Short Film
On the Brink (Noemi Krausz, Germany)
Honorable Mention
Conti (Julie Minichová United Kingdom)

Best Sound Design
Tuning In: A Sea of Sound (Jeroen van de Bovenkamp, Netherlands)

Best Cinematography
Guguto Memeto (Branislav Stosic Jeza, Bosnia and Hertzegovina)

Best Production
Volte Face (Cedrick Spinassou, France)

Best Drama Screenplay
Bell Tolls (Sebastian Davis, UK)
Honorable Mention
Becoming Chavela (Joyce Callo, USA)
Vincible ( Kat Rollinson, UK)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Steve's Law (Paul May, Canada)
Honorable Mention
Pétanque was never so much fun! (Zeff Lawless, Billy Lawless, Spain)

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
Pur Sang (Hugo Poisson, France)

Best LGBTQ Screenplay
Windy City (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)
Honorable Mention
Germans Don't Make Movies (Lucas Reinke, UK)

Best Tv Pilot Screenplay
Vinegar and Oil (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)

Grand Prix: Best Short Screenplay
The Lightkeeper's Tale (Tim Walton, USA)

Grand Prix: Best Feature Screenplay
Alex* (Joachim H. Böttcher, Switzerland)