Directed by Iris Ehrlich Tokouete  /France/

Rémy, a young student from Benin, must now pay 3770€ to renew his residence permit in France. He crosses paths with Olaf, a loan shark who, in exchange, asks him to be the driver on strange nightly trips.

A Day

Directed by Juan Pablo Delgado Berman  /Germany/

The short film, designed as a docu-fiction, shows a day in the life of Miguel, who loses himself in his disordered but passionate thoughts as he roams the city of Stuttgart and observes both the city dynamics and the people within it and his own life.

What may initially seem like a dark series of thoughts is, for many, everyday life. Topics such as migration, integration, depression, relationships, love and looking back at one's own life are summarized here in a monologue that uses the "stream of consciousness" as a technique.

AI Awakened

Directed by  Matthew Blakemore /United Kingdom/

"AI Awakened" is an enthralling short film that unfolds the journey of Matthew Blakemore, who transitions from harbouring a deep-seated fear of artificial intelligence to experiencing a profound enlightenment about its possibilities. Initially, Matthew's perception of AI is heavily influenced by historical films like Terminator, where AI is depicted as a malevolent force destined to overpower humanity. This portrayal feeds his anxieties, painting a grim picture of a future dominated by uncontrollable technology.


Directed by Gema Hernandez Felipe  /Spain/

It's James birthday, her girlfriend videotapes the day, just another birthday... or is it? A New Day has begun!


Directed by Tainá Varandas, Marcella Paiva  /Brazil/

Mother and son. Lúcia and Lucas persist in maintaining contact, even between conflicts. Degrading situations force them to navigate toward the guilt, contempt, and prejudice they feel toward each other.

AI Awakened

Directed by Matthew Blakemore /United Kingdom/

"AI Awakened" is an enthralling short film that unfolds the journey of Matthew Blakemore, who transitions from harbouring a deep-seated fear of artificial intelligence to experiencing a profound enlightenment about its possibilities. Initially, Matthew's perception of AI is heavily influenced by historical films like Terminator, where AI is depicted as a malevolent force destined to overpower humanity. This portrayal feeds his anxieties, painting a grim picture of a future dominated by uncontrollable technology.

Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes

Directed by Pat Mitchell  /United States/

A timid young man chronically suffers from social anxiety. At a party, an unlikely encounter inspires a night of drinking, joy and romance.


Directed by  Damian Overton  /Australia/

Arlo lives by the sea and spends most of his time alone, until he meets a boy named Finn.

Autumn Leaves

Directed by Edoardo Magliarella  /Italy/

Two former lovers, at the end of their romantic relationship, decide to write letters retracing the key points of their stories. From falling in love, to affectionate moments, smiles and lightheartedness; up to the gradual decline and mutual hatred that dragged them to the inevitable breakup.

Big Phat Party

Directed by Kinga Pudełek  /Poland/

The problem faced by the main characters becomes the reason their friendship falls apart

Call of the Snow Witch

Directed by Robrecht Berg /United States/

You are in the forest on a cold snowy day and sight a figure moving through the snow. She approaches and calls you to her. Do you follow?

Carps Hair

Directed by Teodor Sztarovics /Czech Republic/

A story about two outsiders who find love and understanding in the wrong person.

Cause and Effect;

Directed by Thomas McNicholas  /United Kingdom/

Happy and soft music plays as 5 pink balloons float into a living room. The room is decorated with decorations and ribbons etc, the window in the back right of the room is shut, and curtains are drawn. in preparation for a party to celebrate a baby girl soon to be born.


Directed by Marcus Witte, Nupelda Ciftci  /Germany/

Clarity is a short film that combines the art of dance with the exploration of personal growth and the complexity of relationships. In a one-take performance, we follow the journey of a young woman as she delves into her past to find the ability to make crucial decisions in the present.

The film opens with our protagonist, standing alone in a single spot on a rain-soaked stage, just found out that she is pregnant, surrounded by lights and enveloped in a mystical fog. Through her emotive dance, she embarks on a reverse chronological journey, experiencing various pivotal moments from her relationship with her boyfriend.


Directed by Alexandre Mahutte  /Canada/

A girl is crying. Is she happy crying or sad crying

Curating Grief: Loss and Objects

Directed by Jamie Max Lee  /United Kingdom/

In Curating Grief: Loss and Objects, filmmaker Jamie Max Lee invites audiences on an emotional and introspective journey through grief. Partnering with Grief Coach and Founder of the Grief Gallery, Charlene Lam, Jamie delves into the intricacies of loss, and the objects left behind after a loved one dies.

Set against beautiful scenes of Lisbon, this ambitious project shows Jamie and Charlene bravely sharing cherished objects from their departed parents. Through the lens of Charlene’s expertise, the film also becomes a poignant exploration of the ties that bind individuals to their lost loved ones through objects and stories.

In heartfelt dialogue between Jamie and Charlene, the film brings to surface some of the nuances of grief, highlighting both the differences and shared threads that weave through their respective experiences of loss.

This is a personal and emotional film exploring the filmmakers relationship with grief and mental health in a vulnerable and open discussion with the audience.

Dark Room

Directed by Rogelio Robles  /United States/

After losing everything, a man slowly and painfully loses his mind right before your eyes. Becoming the serial killer he was destined to be.

Dante, el prisionero de la torre

Directed by Frank Reyes  /Spain/

Dante, is a young vampire who lock himself in a tower efter a trauma. Sol, a vampire girl comes to rescue him.


Directed by Craig Murray /France/

Can a soul come alive without being both haunted and carried by a primal rip that keeps it torn between the irrepressible quest for a certain form of completeness and the equally incoercible feeling of being deprived of it forever ?

Delivery Day

Directed by Tim Safiullin  /Australia/

"Delivery Day" unfolds as an interesting tale of Max, a young man in urgent need of money to cover the unexpected funeral expenses of his recently deceased father. Max takes on the role of a food delivery driver for a day. From that moment, his life takes an unexpected turn, transforming into a genuine adventure.

Max encounters various challenges, from workplace intricacies to awkward conversations with his ex-girlfriend. His day as a delivery driver paints a vivid picture of the film's grotesque aesthetic.
"Delivery Day" offers viewers an intimate glimpse into Max's inner world, prompting reflection on the choices one must make when faced with the immediacy of life's challenges.


Directed by  Axel Zeltser /France/

Mélanie walks past the same alley every day without noticing the strange metal bucket there.

Eve Clone Babel I

Directed by Pey-Chwen Lin  /Taiwan/

“Eve Clone Babel I" is a digital work which employs a diverse range of media, including 3D models, Babel tower images of ancient drawings, 3D buildings extracted from Google Maps, digital music, and dancer performances captured by motion capture systems.

eyes light shut

Directed by rearoua  /Germany/

What do we see with closed or almost closed eyes blinking against the sun? Both seeing and breathing ("anadlu") are a matter of continuous creativity, of birth and death.

Glimpse of Childhood

Directed by Nizami Murtuzayev / Azerbaijan/

On her birthday, a young girl finds herself in the company of a guilt-ridden and emotionally detached family, where each member grapples with personal challenges in an attempt to rise above their troubles.

Gonzo's Temporary Family

Directed by JUN YORIKO  /Japan/

The story of a master who is the sole survivor of a household accident and begins a strange life by gathering a fake family.

Halloween (Rabbit Well Episode 6)

Directed by I-Jien Jane Kou  /United States/

Rabbit Well is an animation comedy of daily humor of young adults who are super hero. In the year AD 2000, men have destroyed humanity of mankind. Zombies attack City of Boredom. Episode 6 is a story of Nerd Boy in a Halloween.

If You Go Down To The Woods

Directed by Duncan Woodhouse  3 friends discuss an urban legend of the monster that lives in the woods. They decide to see if the stories are true and head to the woods. Little do they know what is waiting for them.


Directed by Ajitpal Babbra  /United Kingdom/

A man hires a private investigator when he suspects infidelity.

In Absentia

Directed by Rory /United Kingdom/

When a forgetful mother tells her daughter and son-in-law about a chance encounter with a mysterious schoolgirl, she questions her own desire to become a grandmother.

Jenny´s Absinthe

Directed by  Gregor Gašperin  /Slovenia/

A catfishing troll finds himself on the wrong side of the hook.


Directed by Calvin Serrao  / United Arab Emirates /

Recluse Dave receives a delivery that changes the course of his life.

Lemonade of Love

Directed by Lars T Midthun  /United States/

She's smart, he's dumb, she's hot, he's dumb! Sarah moves back home from the big city for a few days... will she fall in love like never before? Yes. It's the perfect romcom, almost like its could be titled, Every Romcom Ever.


Directed by Maurice Moore, Alex Rios  /United States/

An intimate secret haunts a newlywed couple from Austin, TX while honeymooning in Barcelona Spain.

Little Yellow Flower

Directed by Chien-Ping Lin  /Taiwam/

Photo Retoucher A-nan returns to the old house that saddens him. The eerily beautiful yellow flowers on the loofah trellis attract a whole nest of ants. As a child, A-nan accidentally killed all these yellow flowers when spraying insecticide on them to kill the ants. In a rage, his father beat him lame. This caused a lifelong conflict between them. The elderly and paralyzed father, now wrapped in diapers and covered with ants, evokes the painful memories of A-nan’s youth. A-nan sprays and kills the ants again. But how will A-nan unravel this knotted relationship with his father, entangled for so many years? How will he restore the loving beauty of the yellow flowers that once bloomed in the courtyard?

Lonesome Lady

Directed by Robert Cole /Australia/

A young woman journeys to overcome her loneliness by preoccupying her mind with tasks that need to be done; thereby learning that, despite a sad mental state, being otherwise productive in her life will give her a sense of fulfillment.


Directed by María Yolanda Brown Melián, Kevin Ramos Fernández

It is a hilarious comedy set in an office called Holliwood where everything turns into a desaster. Every single person in the office is tempted into getting a better job and they compete with the applicants for that purpose. Most of the situations a really surrealistic and funny so you never know what is going to happen.The more jobs offered, more situations to laugh at. Who needs the job?.

Lost But Not Forgotten

Directed by Jason Sedlar  /Canada/

An elderly couple and their metropolitan son struggle to stay connected when faced with devastating circumstances. Some things just cannot be fixed.

Love Is In The Air

Directed by Tejasvi Ginnela  /United States/

"Love Is In The Air" is a heartwarming and humorous documentary that delves into the often overlooked side of healing after heartbreak. Set against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, this film follows a group of friends as they embark on a weekend road trip.


Directed by sal cirmi  /United Kingdom/

MAILBOX" is an emotionally charged and captivating tale that explores the profound impact of connections that transcend the barriers of time, leaving viewers inspired by the enduring power of love and the magic of relationships that span generations.


Directed by Zoltán Bendegúz Szabó  /Hungary/

The short film was inspired by the over-stimulation that most people often experience in the 21st century.
Focusing on his feelings and impressions, we see the main character’s dreams before we get to understand what caused them. In the film, the digital space's threatening effect on mental health plays an important role.
How long can the constant flow of information be tolerated? Is there a way out of the maze?

Mr D

Scott McMillan  /United Kingdom/

Mr D's birthday falls on November 29th, 2013. He is heading to his usual pub, The Clutha Vaults, to create memories that will last a lifetime. It is exactly what Mr. D receives, a memory that will remain with him forever


Directed  by Luca Vines  /Australia/

After a hard day, chain smoker Jamie (Mikayla Levy) is accosted by oblivious farm boy Thomas (Altus Vernooy). As they get to know each other, they find common ground through their love of cigarettes and begin to share stories.


Directed by Aniez Atlas, Marco Castro  /Spain/

Radu buys a lovely present for his wife Reba. However, things don't go the way he expected

Port Hope

Directed by Yulia Petrauskas  /Canda/

Port Hope is a poignant drama that delves deep into the often-misunderstood realm of mental health and suicide. Set against the cold, quiet backdrop of Port Hope, Ontario, in the dead of night during February 2024, this ten-minute short film tells the heart-wrenching story of Hope, a queer person, grappling with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Despite their attempts to communicate the depth of their despair, they find themself tragically misunderstood by their closest ally.


Directed by Natalia Bohn /France/

 Lisa has writer’s block.
Would a seductive and passionate meeting with her inner fire be a way to overcome the blank page syndrome and regain creative energy?

Ram's Head

Directed by Casey Lee Ball  /United States/

A new father is forced to choose between his love of music and lifelong gear collection and doing what is right for his family.


Directed by T.K. Ware  /United States/

After an untimely event, in which millions of people vanished, three people attempt to make sense of everything. Along the way, they discover that things are much worse than anticipated.

Red Rose...Interrupted

Directed by Michael Q Adams

An man suddenly finds himself going through internal struggles after learning he is powerless to find his life has suddenly changed.


Directed by Мария Викторова / Russian Federation /

Sasha accidentally gets to travel with a weird fellow passenger. Yet, he doesn’t
know this meeting will turn his life around.

Shneidman Blues

Directed by Kyoichi Komoto /Japan/

A man, despondent over the course his life has taken, journeys up a mountain. Arriving at cliff’s edge, he ponders taking his life. However, before he can throw himself off, an eclectic collection of people show up and interfere with his end-of-life plans.

Snacks for Smiles

Directed by  David Weder

Snacks for Smiles is a documentary that revolves around the project of the same name. It takes place in Laos and is about combating malnutrition in children and pregnant women.


Directed by Geri Simeonova

Following their son's death, a soon to be evicted elderly couple find their final moments of happiness where they least expect


Directed by  I-Jien Jane Kou

What is Soul? According to Dr. Oppenheimer, "Soul is quantum transfer from one hand to another hand". Do you believe there is soul? What does soul mean to you? What is your soul?

Space Station Village EP8:
Miss You to the Stars

Directed by Yi-Feng Kao

The story of the episode "Missing You to the Stars" is about the belief that is still alive in Taiwanese indigenous culture and how a Bunon older man deals with the pain after the death of a loved one by playing a traditional instrument for the deceased in a space station on a rainy night.

The popular science animated series "Go Go Giwas: Space Station Village" presents the Taiwanese indigenous cultural content with science inside. Professor Li-Yu Fu, the Producer of the "Go Go Giwas", used the nearly 30 years of research achievements on Taiwan's indigenous science education as the story material.


Directed by  Alasdair McGlashan  /United Kingdom/

Daniel Simmons wakes up in an unsettling location after being kidnapped by unknown assailants. He is interrogated up by Jesse who violently threatens him, eventually forcing him to reveal his bank details. Jesse subsequently leaves during which Daniel tries to escape but fails.

Jesse then re-enters with David Noble, who scorns Jesse for his carelessness and confronts Daniel and his past. He blames Daniel for the hostile takeover that led to his brother’s suicide. Daniel feigns remorse before trying to buy his escape, however David reveals his real motive for kidnapping Daniel: revenge.

The September Family

Directed by Ethan Daniel O'Rourke  /United States/

"The September Family" is a 13-minute short-form documentary about the thrill of Air Racing. Being produced by an entire team of pilots and race fans, this film offers an intimate glimpse into the world of the annual air races in Reno. As the events come to a close, the documentary pays homage to the years when these races became a catalyst for innovation, fostered connections, and ignited a profound passion for racing.

The Assassin's Apprentice 2: Silbadores of the Canary Islands

Directed by Russ Emanuel /United States/

Kaylee, an apprentice assassin for TAA Corp., is taking a long-deserved vacation in the Canary Islands, when her Freerunner drone arrives to project a holographic image of Rick, her handler. Rick explains to Kaylee that her vacation has been cut short, and that she is being urgently summoned by Roy, the head of TAA Corp.’s Canary Island Bureau headquarters, for a new mission. Kaylee follows the Freerunner drone to the TAA Corp.’s Canary Island headquarters, where Roy explains that F.A.D., a rival group of counter-assassins, are on the island to eliminate TAA Corp.’s drone trainers, known as “Silbadores.” Kaylee drives her ninja motorcycle at breakneck speeds along beautiful coastal roads to TAA Corp.’s drone training grounds where she saves the Silbadores from deadly Swarmbots unleashed by the F.A.D. counter-assassins. A final showdown with the F.A.D. counter-assassins Sork and Karla ends with a surprising result.

The Birthday

Directed by Ela Yürekli-Gorkay  /United Kingdom/

The short film 'The Birthday,' explores the journey of a troubled young man whose late mother's unexpected passing is further complicated upon discovering her last voice-mail, plaguing his grief immensely.

Searching for reconciliation, the narrative expresses the psychology of the protagonist as he struggles to cope on the date of his mother's birthday.

The Carrier

Directed by Andrei Turcan  /Germany/

In his existential crisis, a desperate courier driver is tasked with delivering an ominous package under strange and questionable conditions. Due to his difficult life circumstances, he is forced to accept this offer and thereby grants a higher power control over him.

The Common Good

Directed by Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann  /Austria/

In 2035 the earth is ruled by a world government called "The Global Organisation for the Common Good". The "GOCG" wants to make everybody happy by monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and - for those who can afford them - body implants. We join "GOCG" agent Cindy Karuso as she is visiting Mr. Berger, who has not spent his designated quota for lifestyle and entertainment products for the past months. Will she manage to complete her task for the mother-state and the father-corporation by taking care of Mr. Berger? And will Mr. Berger have something to say within the process?


Directed by Reza Arzhang  /Canada/

9 students prepare themselves for the most vital exam of their lives under the supervision of the schoolmaster...

The Music of Erich Zann

Directed by Chad Garrett  /United States/

A young man, down on his luck, wanders onto an unfamiliar street. He takes residence in an imposing house run by an eclectic, not-quite-sinister man. During the night, his rest and studies are invaded by the weird music of a man playing the violin above him. Our young man becomes obsessed with the music and resolves himself to meet the musician; a choice that reveals the liminal nature of the street he has been living on, and the unfathomable evil that haunts it.

Them Upstairs

Directed by Mark Buckland  /United Kingdom/

A girl tries to survive a plague that creates duplicates of the infected.

The Will & Clark Show

Directed by Chase Gutzmore  /United States/

Will Darby and Clark Stephenson are gearing up to become the first gay couple to headline their highly anticipated mainstream talk show. But first, they must appear on "LIVE! with Vanessa Mills" to debunk a certain rumor that is derailing their momentum. That is until a sudden text message changes everything for them.....

Tumble Weave

Directed by Andreia Solomon Burke  /United Kingdom/

A Day in the Beauty Salon Reveals Some Ugly Truths...

An aristocrat young woman discovers that Kim Kardashian wasn't the originator of the hairstyle cornrows, two longtime friends are reunited when the reason is revealed; and a bride-to-be meets her bridegroom's side chick the day before her wedding.


Directed by  Abraham Lopez  /United States/

A young and eager detective is dedicated to solving a case that has been left open for over a decade. He quickly finds out that solving the case will be more dangerous than he expected.

Under the Debris

Directed by Derya Satir  /Austria/

"Under the Debris" is a short photography film about waiting for the unknown and being trapped in the fear of losing loved ones, derived from the earthquake happened near the eastern border of Turkey in February, 2023. The film focuses on the experience of being unable to contact those enduring a catastrophe and the desperation of waiting helplessly. It's an ode to everyone whose loved ones live in an unsafe environment.

Watercolours In Rain

Directed by Michael Q. Adams  /Canada/

Watercolors In Rain, in the classic style of “film noir”, follows a war veterans' courageous journey through the tapestry of his memories.
Searching for hope in the face of life & loss, he comes to grips with his past & present, and the strength to find light even in his darkest moments.


Directed by Barbara Peikert /Switzerland/

The castaway is literally pulverized and laminated by monstrous waves and transformed into a tsunami when he comes into contact with the white hole of the ocean. Poetic verses and voices evoke this traumatic destiny.


Directed by James Curry

Already tired from a long trip, Alonzo Rey returns home to discover a mailbox full of legal fallout from his recent run-in with abusive cop Detective Ruby. Alonzo's early return spooks his girlfriend, who dials 911 to report what she thinks is a home invasion. It's bad enough to have another altercation with the police, but when Ruby spots his chance to take advantage of this situation, Alonzo's life is thrown headlong into chaos. Documentary-style camera work, tight editing, and frantic pacing take the audience along on this life-or-death thrill ride.

Write My Name

Directed by Aniez  /Spain/

During the war, 4 young siblings tell their Mom to write their names on their legs.