20th April 2022 / 6 PM
Kino Sibir, Brno, Czech Republic

List of screened films


Directed by Dimitri Kanjuka

The writer of detective novels has to travel to another dimension to save many lives.


Directed by Ondřej Veverka

A psychological drama based on true events describes the post-war destinies of a former representative of the Protectorate collaboration and the leader of the so-called Curatorium for the Education of Youth in Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Hitler Youth), Dr. František Teuner. In a communist prison of the 1950s, he gained the sympathy of most prisoners with his dedicated approach as a prison doctor. Karel Kalina is not among them...

Seen from above

Mr. Alois Němec works as a tower guide in the iconic tower of the Dean's Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Písek. He kindly provides people with information about the building, the city, and history. In addition, in his free time, he also likes to take photographs, mainly of all corners of the town of Písek, due to which he is willing to step on or climb to an ideal high place (trees, roofs of houses, and chimneys) and in any weather. He usually composes photographs in advance. However, some photos are even more unique and exciting because they were created by the magic of the moment, and those are the ones that appeal to the visitors of the tower the most. He fulfills his life philosophy "to be useful" today and every day, not only by service in the tower but also by contact with people and the spread of joy, goodness, and love around him.


Directed by  Kateřina Wiecková

The filmmaker presents her research in the field of the sexual harassment of women, bringing together the voices of multiple women in an original manner, with individual testimony becoming collective experience. She does not accuse but tries to encourage woman and men to engage in deeper reflection.


Grand Prix: Best Feature Film

Red Faust (Zsolt Pozsgai, Hungary)

Grand Prix: Best Feature Documentary
Michael Kocáb - rocker versus politician (Olga Sommerová, Czech Republic)
Honorable Mention
One for the River: The Sava Story (Rožle Bregar, Slovenia)
Disco Bloodbath (Marcus Palmer, New Zaeland)
The Other SIde of Wrong (Boštjan Slatenšek, Slovenia)

Grand Prix: Best Short Film
The First Night (Silvia Gregorova, Czech Republic)

Grand Prix: Best Short Documentary
Dream Prisoners (Elena Rubtsova, Czech Repiblic)
Honorable Mention
The Murder of Olof Palme (Joaquim Weibull, Sweeden)
The Dust of Diamond Highway (Zoltán Vámos, Hungary)
Are You Asleep? (Luiza Komorowska, Poland)

Grand Prix: Best Super Short
Oscar´s Lovers (Lottie Andersen, France)

Grand Prix: Best Student Film
As We Always Planned (Zsolt Venczel, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
Instant Love (Kinga Kornak, Poland)