European Short Awards is Film Festival with live screenings in Madrid, Spain and Brno, in Czech Republic one a year. Our mission and goal is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from all over the world and present them to the public and therefore is our festival is a brilliant opportunity to participate in international competition.

European Short Awards aims to present the selection films to a wide audience. That's why we decided that the festival will be held in two places at the same time. The festival will screen films from directors from Western Europe in Madrid, films from directors from Eastern Europe will be screened in Brno, Czech Republic. The selection will also include films from other continents, because our goal is also to present films from different cultures of the world.

FilmFreeway has ranked our festival, among the TOP 100 BEST REVIEWED FILM FESTIVALS out of a total of 10,000 festivals from around the world.

An international independent jury works at the festival, composed of judges from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Argentina and USA. The festival is mainly devoted to the presentation of short films, it is interested not only in European short films, but also in world ones. Therefore, screenings of American, Asian and African films will be part of the festival.

Previous winners of our festival are well-know directors such as Tereza Penková (Czech Republic), Philippe Létang (France), Alexandru Florin Buliga (Romania), Nicolas Reza (Poland), Marko Marinkovic (Serbia), Grzegorz Molda (Poland), Eilat Ben Eliyahu (Czech Republic), Janez Lapajne (Slovenia), Louis Leininger (Germany) and others.

We cooperate with various distributors, to whom we regularly offer the best short and feature documentaries, feature films and, of course, horror movies! If your film will be of interest to various investors or distributors, we will help you with the distribution of your film.

Our festival focuses on supporting serious topics such as migration, war. We prefer the inventiveness and creative ways of expressing the film. The festival decided to change name the festival from Brno Film Festival to European Short Awards after we decided to precisely specify our artistic direction.

Cash prizes of $300 will be awarded to winners during the LIVE SCREENING.


We accept submissions through FilmFreeway. Click on the picture!