It Is What It Is
(or The Standards of Outrage)

Cupid's Island "fan-fav" couple has broken up, and the world will never be the same. After being evicted from a love-themed reality show, Kevin Best returns to the real world and learns that his tv break-up has caused a simmering public outrage.

Directed by  Beth Riesgraf

AI vs Deep State

Julius Andan served the deep state as a professional liar for 25 years. After realizing that the world has fallen into such a bad state that the invisible power can no longer maintain it, he decides to expose everything to the public. The first superintelligence, Sarah, is created in the CIA's AI research center. Andan and Sarah will be partners in the fight.

Directed by  Katalin Weith


A loose adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, with a vampire plot turning

Directed by  Doulla Panaretou

The show ends twice

The story takes place in a small circus in the wood. Scott, an unsuccessful violinist, is fired by the ringmaster. He faces the decision of continuing to pursue his dreams or giving up. Among interactions with the people of the small circus his deceased girlfriend turned ghost, a senior clown chasing dreams, the ringmaster, a circus star, and disillusioned dancers, he starts confronting reality.



After Nao's mother left when she was young, her father remained her only family even after remarrying. But everything changes when her father unexpectedly passes away. Struggling to connect with her new stepfamily and unable to accept this harsh reality, Nao receives mysterious postcards from her father, a photographer. These postcards depict places brimming with memories of father and daughter. As Nao visit these places, she confronts her feelings about her father's remarriage, her new family, and comes to terms with his death

Written by  Shota Kamitani


A woman compulsively accumulates black plastic baggs in her bedroom closet. What's in the bags?

Cora is a Mystery with a tint of Musical film. It is a postmodern metaphor for the legend of the Phoenix: it's about the life of a socialite who faces the consequences of her decisions with unorthodox methods.

Cora must free herself from each of her demons, not knowing what the last and worst of all will be like. Infidelity, forbidden love, harassment, repression, appearances, plastic bags, future and past choices are part of the maelstrom that the protagonist must overcome to recover.

Directed by  Mauricio De la Maza-Benignos


The film follows the complex friendship of childhood best friends Julia Franchino and Ambrose Sinclair. The four part series captures them meeting through different seasons. In the first installment, the two reconnect after years of distance due to attending different universities. They attempt to maintain a broken friendship while dealing with unresolved feelings for one another. Together, the pair tries to navigate post-graduate struggles, such as early adulthood, and work-life balance.

Directed by  Maria Irvin

Smiley Face

Kyle, a lost teenager, faces reality when he breaks into his dad's home, and finds himself conflicting his own consequential actions.

Written by  Lucas Reinke

The Saidist

Featuring authentic human conversations with AI: a stimulating, easy-to-stomach allegorical work that hypothesizes about how mankind — as proud and dominant as they are — may come to lose some, then some, and then some of their power to artificial intelligence. A world’s teenagers (aka our future) visit a hotel staffed by humanoid robots, dazed by the exciting possibilities the place has to offer. Their insatiable appetites challenge the robots’ man-made limits time and again, playing a dangerous game with machines whom they had — bit by bit — given the power to kill.

Directed and produced by  Kaiyue (Ethan) Guan

Drug Force Yakuza Eiga Short Film

When Saitama Prefecture in Japan suffers a rash of flamethrower attacks from organized crime, the leaders call the Drug Force.

Directed by Lawrence Hussey

Cortland Parkway

When neighbors move into the new Cortland Parkway development, they quickly find themselves entangled in secrets, seduction, and scandal in suburbia

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis


The shocking murder of King Zachary Chamberlain sends his entire family and kingdom into turmoil as the hunt for his killer begins.

As Zachary’s eldest son Prince Tobias prepares to be crowned as the new king, suspicions arise between him and his three younger brothers. In the meantime, the once-ruling Henderson family seizes on the chaos in the kingdom in an effort to overthrow the Chamberlains and retake control.

As tensions rise and the search for the king’s murderer continues, some relationships crumble, forbidden love flourishes, a prisoner escapes, and a common farmer rocks the royal family to its core.

It all leads up to an exciting series of cliff-hangers that plunge every member of the royal Chamberlain family into peril.

Power reigns. Absolutely.

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis

Family Cellars

When the Wallace family winery tragically burns to the ground, family members turn on each other, plans for revenge unfold, and a mysterious stranger exploits the chaos to his own advantage.

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis

Closet Cases 

In the early '90s when people listen to music on CDs and dial up to enter AOL chatrooms, two closeted gay law students face their families, their futures, and their feelings for each other.

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis

The Genesis Project

What happens when a family member goes missing? The mysterious disappearance of Frank Walker propels his entire family into a search that forces them to confront their own demons while uncovering a political scandal with seismic consequences. A faith-based drama.

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis


A scandalous event in their hidden past transformed the once-friendly Dalton and Alvarez dynasties into bitter rivals. Against the backdrop of the Crown Point skyline, members of these two empires scheme to gain the upper hand, leaving a path of broken dreams, broken promises, and broken hearts behind them.

Written by Joseph Anthony Francis

Windy City

Unleashed secrets, sinister schemes, and forbidden desires fuel the fiery feud between the Mancini and Caruso families who are hell-bent on destroying one another in the Windy City.

Written by  Joseph Anthony Francis


An old man takes a difficult path through a long, almost holy night. He has a mission, to save his son that was wounded in a foreign war. The man continues his journey through the mountain paths that lead nowhere. Desperate, the man confesses to his son that he would not have taken this dangerous and hopeless journey for him, because he has always been a revolted man, a disobedient boy, a boy who has betrayed his ideals and his family and gone to war to kill the people of his tribe. He went to war as a traitor. However, with his last breath he will lead him to the village and he will save his life. After a long journey, in the early dawn, father and son appear in the hills of the village where the unextinguished lantern still shines. In distance, the dogs bark. But Ben heard nothing. He passed away unnoticed, not giving his father a last chance, to bring him alive to the village in hope to save his life.

Directed by Lorena Sopi


We live in a digital world. But we're fairly analog creatures.

Directed by  Alan Rexroth

Appointment with The Plague Doctor, Lester Haywood


Directed by  L. S. Strange

Millions of cats

Mother and daughter share a lovely afternoon reading their favourite book, but they are in a strange place. Time moves in an unusual way and reveals the reason behind their presence in this extraordinary place.

Directed by  Petya Andreeva

The Cutting Room

Screenplay, Short Script   | United Kingdom

A censor is given an impossible task - making a family-friendly cut of Psycho - and faces an ultimate question: what comes of censorship, and what will come of him?

Written by Toby Smith

The Other Half

Student, Short   | United Kingdom

Ash conforms to wearing a moustache like everybody else, but he has to admit its fakeness to save Nadia from the town's adversity

Directed by  Alina Stefania Ilin

An Astrophysicists' Picnic

Short Script   | United Kingdom

Cooper, a lover of all things space, spends his evening gazing at the stars peacefully... that is until he spots an unusual speck hurdling towards him in the sky.

Written by Teodora Pancheva  

Playing God's Game

Short Script   |  United Kingdom

Just when God thought life was getting boring, one human being throws him a curve ball, that's not according to his plan.

Written by Teodora Pancheva  


Documentary, Short   |  United States
A True Story - Short Documentary

Dive deep into the heart of Indonesia's Borneo jungle with 'THE CURSE EFFECT.' This riveting mini-documentary delivers never-before-seen footage of one of the most feared tribes on earth, Suku Dayak. Enter a world of the tribe's private way of life known for its voodoo traditions, daily rituals, and historical enemy headhunting. Defying the odds as a foreign outsider, filmmaker Gregg Jaden miraculously earned the tribe's trust, gaining access to film them like never before... at the tribe's land. Uncovering the mystery of a voodoo curse and their fight against a deadly, unseen evil.

Jaden's journey immerses you in the tribe's everyday existence, rituals, and resilience in the face of the curse's deadly grip on Keanu Haridanus. In this suspenseful rare journey to forbidden lands, 'THE CURSE EFFECT' uncovers the harrowing experience of a man living under a life-threatening voodoo curse, chilling tales from locals, and the tribe's magical spiritual ancestor connection that's helped them survive for centuries in the Borneo jungle.

Experience 'THE CURSE EFFECT,' a compelling blend of fear, magic, and a life-or-death struggle, as Jaden leads you through a world unknown, teetering on the edge of good vs. evil.

Directed by  Gregg Jaden   

Three boys

Short   |  Italy

Bertinoro, 1972. Thirteen-year-old friends Carmelo, Michele and Salvatore, run away from home towards Ravenna, with the hope of boarding a ship that will take them to America.
The whole village mobilized to search for the three young boys. Now far away, after a long walk in the surrounding woods, they boarded the train that took them to Ravenna. At the port, however, they found something bigger than themselves: the side of the huge, inaccessible ship saw them forced to change their plans. Lost in the city, they will come up against their inexperience and a seemingly hostile world.
Three boys, the possibilities of life and escape as a choice or as a search for freedom.

Directed by Gianfranco Boattini

Section 2

Short   |  United Kingdom

Section 2 is the name of the mental health act explored in this film.

Set against the grim reality of an overstretched National Health Service in the UK. We follow a tender and intimate story of childhood, friendship and the pain of mental illness. On day 28 of Cam's detainment his girlfriend Kay, childhood friend Pete, and key worker Rachael, navigate the hours before Cam’s outcome is decided.

Directed by Robyn Rainsford