Proyección en Vivo

Nos complace invitarte a la proyección de los Premios Europeos de Cortometrajes

Apr 26, 2024 | 6:00 PM | Artistic Metropol, Madrid

Lista de Películas Proyectadas:

*MOR - Tom Austen /Denmark/
*Leave Behind - Isabel Bernal /Spain/
*We Will Find YOU - Judson Vaughan /Spain/
*Poscoito (Postcoitus) - Héctor Rodríguez /Spain/
*The remaining Sundays - Manolo Pavón /Spain/
*The little romance of Will-o'-the-Wisp and Raindrop - B. Denuit, /Belgium/
- Jose Miguel Soriano, Ricardo Macian /Spain/
*Quimera - Tomas Vergara /Spain/
*Alto Cielo - Adrián Martos Álvarez /Spain/
*The Vanishing Strings of the Andes - Sam Watkins /Spain/
* Karma is a Hitch - Oliver Kahl /Germany/

Parte de la proyección es también la premiación de las mejores películas.

¡No pierdas la oportunidad de ser parte de esta inolvidable experiencia cinematográfica!


Tom Austen /Denmark/

A mother and her son arrive at a remote seaside cottage to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. A cottage they have not visited for many years now. Over the course of a weekend, they seek to find a connection with each other once again. But a connection that they may have ultimately lost forever.

Leave Behind

Isabel Bernal /Spain/

When is the right time to leave behind something that has made you happy? You can live in the past, but for how long? Sometimes the right time is now

We Will Find YOU

Judson Vaughan /Spain/

A man haunted by the murder of his brother searches for the whereabouts of his killer.

Poscoito (Postcoitus)

Héctor Rodríguez /Spain/

An anthology series which portrays different situations and conflicts that can occur after having sex. Every episode is standalone, with different story, cast and tone that shares postcoitus as a common theme.

The remaining Sundays

Manolo Pavón /Spain/

August 1993. Dani has just turned 13. His family moves to a house in the suburbs. The discovery of an abandoned box in his new closet takes Dani to Miguel, a much-needed example missing in his life.

The little romance of Will-o'-the-Wisp and Raindrop

Baptiste Denuit, Johan Denis /Belgium/

It's the love story between a man who burns what he touches and a woman with a magic umbrella.


 Jose Miguel Soriano, Ricardo Macian /Spain/

In early 2009, the establishment of the first breast milk bank in Lima, Peru, began to take shape. This initiative involved the collaboration of researchers and healthcare professionals from the National Institute of Maternal Perinatal Health in Lima and the University of Valencia. This documentary showcases the individuals who made it possible and provides a firsthand account of the experiences that enabled the implementation of this top-notch healthcare project. The initiative has significantly contributed to enhancing maternal and perinatal health, ultimately improving the quality of life for Peruvian families and their infants


Tomas Vergara /Spain/

A couple battling mental illness confined to their home discovers a painful truth

Alto Cielo

 Adrián Martos Álvarez /Spain/

A love story based on uncertainty, adrenaline and a wound that crosses generations.

The Vanishing Strings of the Andes

Sam Watkins /Spain/

High in the Andes mountains, an age-old generational craft is on the verge of extinction; this is the story of Ecuador’s forgotten guitar road.

Karma is a Hitch

Oliver Kahl /Germany/

On the last day of his life, Björn is unexpectedly visited by his soul. The good news: This is not his last round. But to make sure Björn doesn't screw things up again with his big love Vicky in the next life, he has just until tonight to untie the karmic knot with her.