Promítání soutěžních filmů 2024

Jsme nadšeni, že vás můžeme pozvat Promítání soutěžních filmů European Short Film Awards, kde představíme některé z nejpoutavějších filmů  z východní Evropy.

26/4/2024 - 18:30 - KINO PILOTU, PRAHA

Press Conference // Alexander Hilli (Czech Republic)
Goodwill // Sasha Needmor (Czech Republic)
The Deal // Jeno Hodi (Hungary)
The Forces Within // Elena Omura (Czech Republic)
Your move, my lady // Tereza Hirsch,  David Šír (Czech Republic)
Fracture // Dimana Pastrakova (Bulgaria)

Součástí promítání je i oceňování nejlepších filmů.
Nenechte si ujít svou šanci být součástí tohoto nezapomenutelného 
filmového zážitku!

Press Conference

Alexander Hilli (Czech Republic)
After winning biggest fight of his career, boxer is confronted with information that will put new perspective on his victory.


Sasha Needmor (Czech Republic)

The music video for NOANNE's "Goodwill" unfolds a story rich in emotional depth and dramatic complexity. It is a minimalist yet poignant narrative featuring two main characters and a series of vivid flashback images that gradually build a comprehensive picture, allowing viewers to grasp the unfolding events. The storyline is subtly adorned with references to the medieval legends of Tristan and Isolde, adding layers of classical depth to the modern narrative.

The Deal

Jeno Hodi (Hungary)

This abstract drama pays homage to Bergman's "The Seventh Seal," but our dark story is about a disillusioned Hungarian working-class woman, who is an outcast from society. She is forced to confront life's only true certainty: death. When Death comes to take her to the afterlife, she believes that if she has successfully cheated on everyone else before, she can surely outsmart the Grim Reaper as well.

The Forces Within

Elena Omura (Czech Republic)

“The Forces Within" is a story told through dance and music, following a meditator's introspective journey within himself, where he encounters 3 selves - representations of 3 figurative forces: The Shadow, Shiva (Masculine/ Water), Shakti (Feminine/ Fire).

Your move, my lady

 Tereza Hirsch (Czech Republic)

Regina, who is caring for her ill husband, has a family friend – a catholic priest – over for dinner. Suddenly, and without being invited, her cousin-in-law Eric (who is in a wheelchair after being in a recent accident) and his wife Victoria arrive at her home with their attorney, demanding to speak to her bed-ridden spouse upstairs. Regina however, refuses to let them see him, insisting that they discuss the matter with her instead. The lawyer – Robert – attempts to shed light on a troubling legal development the two couples appear to find themselves in after the recent death of Regina’s father-in-law and the owner and co-founder of the family’s business empire. A baby and its attempted conception, which would solidify a majority of shares as well as controlling interest in the company for one of the couples, throw both into a whirlwind of accusations, excuses, scheming, betrayal, attack plots, defense strategies and generally all-out family war between the two cousins and their wives.


Dimana Pastrakova (Bulgaria)

We dive into the inside world of a boy. A puzzle of rules and fears that intertwine in both the past and the present. Oddballs often turn into problematic people, whereas the problematic turn out to be just oddballs.