Swen Werner

Swen Werner, originally from Thuringia, Germany, began his educational journey in his homeland. He later extended his academic pursuits by completing an EMBA at Bayes Business School, located in the heart of London's City.

With over a decade of experience in finance across Europe, Asia, and the US, Swen's debut project, "My Digital Truth," mirrors his dedication to bridging the gap between digital technology and finance, fueled by an enduring thirst for knowledge and growth.

Could you briefly describe your project for our audience?
"My Digital Truth" is an animation short film exploring the transformative impact of technology on our lives and society. It combines live-action and AI-generated animation to illustrate the synergy between human creativity and technological advancements.

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What were your main aspirations or goals when creating this project?
The film aims to inspire viewers to find strength in challenges and to rethink the dynamic nature of truth in the digital age. It encourages embracing uniqueness for innovation and personal growth.

Share some memorable moments from the shooting process or any pleasant surprises.
This being my first film project, a memorable aspect was the entire team using AI for the first time. The mix of marveling at new technology's capabilities and the frustration of feeling inept was akin to assembling a complex piece of furniture without clear instructions.

Who is the primary target audience for your film, and what do you hope they will take away from it?
While "My Digital Truth" has broad appeal, particularly for those interested in technology, innovation, and personal growth, I see it more as a beacon to connect with like-minded individuals. The film isn't just about targeting an audience; it's about resonating with those who view digital technology from a philosophical lens, not just to critique but to actively participate in building new solutions. It explores the transformative power of technology, not just in a societal sense, but in fostering personal resilience through new interpersonal networks.


What makes your project an appealing choice for potential distributors?
It is experimental but offers a unique blend of questions of how we think of ourselves in a society increasinglybshaped by technoogy and innovative use of AI in animation. So its a beginning ofn a wider exploarationnofn thisnnarrive. .

How would you define your unique filmmaking style, and what distinct qualities characterize your film?
My style merges philosophical insights with technological advancements, focusing on the multidisciplinary nature of modern challenges and human experiences within the digital era.

What inspired you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
My initial motivation for creating "My Digital Truth" was a personal crisis, serving as a means of understanding and coping. However, since the film's completion and witnessing audience reactions, it has opened new paths for me. This experience has become a catalyst for further exploration in my professional journey, blending technology, philosophy, and art. It's been a process not only of personal healing but also of expanding my horizons and grasping the broader impact of my actions.

My work on "My Digital Truth" is heavily influenced by my fascination with kinetic animation and calligraphy, leading me to create what I consider 'animated literature.' This silent movie format allows me to explore these artistic forms deeply. However, my ambitions are currently limited by my abilities to utilize AI effectively. With continued learning and improvement, I hope to create a new version, or 'Neufassung', of the film in the future, fully harnessing the potential of AI in this unique artistic endeavor.

Share a couple of your favorite films and what resonates with you about them.
Favorite Films and Their Impact: "Avatar" deeply moves me every time, especially during Sigourney Weaver's character's poignant moments with the tree, reflecting the planet's resistance. In "Call Me By Your Name," there's a scene that feels like a documentary of my personal life, capturing emotions vividly. "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" brings back memories of a specific time in my life, with its unique style and quotable phrases. "Black Panther," while I find its plot somewhat dull, is visually stunning. The film's execution and the ideas it portrays are spectacular.

Where do you typically find inspiration for your film projects?
My inspiration for film projects is drawn from the nuances of everyday life, the dynamic relationship between technology and human experiences, and philosophical musings. I delve into these themes in my blog on swenldn.substack.com, where I write about these intersections. The blog is currently free and serves as a platform for sharing my thoughts and explorations in these areas.