Rossella Bergo

Could you briefly describe your project for our audience?
The short film The Finger and the Moon aims to focus attention on how, even today, prejudices, beliefs rooted in outdated thought patterns, taboos, etc. may affect the life of those who suffer them. Not feeling accepted or understood causes an intense discomfort that can manifest itself in various ways. At the same time, the film project aims to highlight that even where there does not seem to be space for art and creativity, these push to the point of transhipping. There is no way to silence that impetus dictated by the soul of a talent and, even if in a culturally not very fertile environment, creativity flourishes in all its splendor without established codes and imposed rules.

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What were your main aspirations or goals when creating this project?
My idea was to bring to light the discomfort of not being able to express one's talent and creativity and to show love, acceptance and understanding as the only way out.

Share some memorable moments from the shooting process or any pleasant surprises.
A really funny moment is when the co-protagonist Samuele Spada forgot in the hotel the white underwear that he had to wear during the film's key scene, really necessary under the white wedding dress. Fortunately, Katia Ricciarelli had a female pair in her purse and lent them to Samuele. So, during the wedding dress scene, Samuele wore Katia Ricciarelli underwear the whole time.

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Who is the primary target audience for your film, and what do you hope they will take away from it?
The film is suitable for all people, of any age and race. I want them to feel the sense of beauty and ecstasy when someone expresses himself, because in this way, he lets his soul express itself.


What makes your project an appealing choice for potential distributors?
In this age of war, violence, social hardship people need a message of peace, understanding, awareness. In the festivals where The Finger and the Moon was shown, the audience responded with great emotion and participation, struck by the poetry that reached their hearts. I have noticed how people need hope, dreams that come true, deep acceptance of diversity, kindness and love. I think it is important to convey themes that inspire a new vision of life to go beyond the sadness of this period that surrounds us and caused by unpleasant everyday events that have a significant impact on people’s lives. Through cinema we must lead young people to a more humane and less cruel dimension. We must praise love. The originality of the film is also reflected in a different look at the fashion industry, in fact the story speaks not only of the diversity of Thomas but also addresses the theme of curvy models that have in common with Thomas the discomfort of not feeling accepted by society. So, I think distributors should buy my film because of the strong impact it has on people and its ability to change mentality.


How would you define your unique filmmaking style, and what distinct qualities characterize your film?
I like the magic realism, the tragicomic, the non-sense, the bizarre stories and everything that can be told through a humorous style. I think humor is a powerful tool that can transmit messages in a seemingly light but not superficial way. Coming from circus experiences, I worked for many years as a clown in the street but also in hospitals and humanitarian missions such as in Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus and I noticed how laughter can break down the walls between people of different cultures, different religions and traditions and bring them closer. My previous shorts are all comedies and silent movies, The finger and the moon is my first dramatic film. This film is characterized by a minimal language, here it is much more important what flows behind the words than the words themselves, I wanted to focus attention on what happens inside the characters. My intention was to create a film that was realistic and at the same time focused on the dream, on the fantasy world and I tried to use all the elements to arouse emotions in the audience.

What inspired you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
I love dreams and much less reality, so, cinema allows me to enter in other dimensions almost as altered states of consciousness. Cinema is a journey into other worlds where the impossible can happen, where what is judged absurd can become reality. Making films is an alchemical process that transforms perceptions, visions, mentalities and leads you to a deep understanding of reality.

Share a couple of your favorite films and what resonates with you about them.
I love very much Federico Fellini and all his films especially La strada, the docu-film I Clowns, Giulietta degli spiriti, etc. In his films emerges that necessary and authentic madness of human life, which is why I love them. I love the movie Harold and Maude (1971) directed by Hal Ashby, I think the screenplay of Colin Higgins is genial and I find it to be one of the most beautiful films ever. I really appreciate Pedro Almodovar’s films. I love Greenbook, Driving Miss Daisy, Interstellar etc. because these films speak of powerful love. I recently saw the movie Saltburn by Emerlad Fennel and I find it absolutely sublime.

Where do you typically find inspiration for your film projects?
From everything and everyone. From people, from nature, art, music, a book, from personal life experiences and from that of others. Inspiration can spring from a conversation, an image or a sound, all my senses are alert, always. Everything around me can stimulate my attention and imagination.