Interview with Baptiste Denuit

"Born in March 1996 and living in Belgium, I'm an actor, screenwriter and director, always driven by the desire to tell stories and explore ways of visually staging. I can talk for hours about cinema, and more precisely about German expressionist cinema (which is not common, I realize)."

Your project has been recognized in European Short Awards. Could you please provide a brief overview of your project and its significance in the context of our festival?
The film was made as part of a festival in France, it was my first film as a director. It was important for us to disseminate it as much as possible throughout the world and your festival represents a great showcase to gain recognition for our film.

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What were the key criteria or qualities you sought in selecting actors to participate in your film?
Being an actor, I wanted to direct and act in a silent film at the same time. The choice of actress Alice Borgers was obvious, she is an exceptional actress capable of playing several registers and manages to transmit all the emotions without resorting to words (that's good, it's a silent film).

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How did you collaborate and communicate with the cinematographer to achieve your desired visual style?
I met the director of photography on another project where I was acting. I immediately appreciated his work and his style and we became friends and colleagues. We share the same cinematographic references, so it was very easy to come up with ideas.

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Can you elaborate on the choice of locations for your project and the significance behind those selections?
As the project was self-produced, we needed a minimum of locations. We filmed at the co-director's house and in an acquaintance's theater. A minimum of locations allowed us to think carefully about the sets.

From your perspective, what unique qualities or aspects of your film make it a compelling choice for potential distributors?
I would say that it is the audacity to make a silent film in the style of the period with its element of modernity and the poetic universe proposed.

Could you discuss the artistic elements or expressions you incorporated into your project, and how they contribute to the overall characterization of your work?
As mentioned above, the choice of making a silent film and the use of colors allow room for poetry : " Show, don't tell "

What initially inspired or motivated you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
I have always been fascinated by cinema. I went straight to the Brussels Theater Conservatory to become an actor. This dream has never left me.

Are there any particular films or filmmakers that have greatly influenced or inspired your own work? If so, what aspects of their work resonate with you?
I would cite three for this film: Wes Anderson for the aesthetics of the shots and the use of colors, Hayao Miyazaki for the animation side and Buster Keaton for the acting.

What genres do you find most creatively fulfilling to work within, and what draws you to these particular genres?
My favorite genres are fantastic and poetic films. They make it possible to make the best use of the medium of cinema to tell a story, to convey a message without being too moralistic.

When you're not immersed in filmmaking, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?
Travel to do as many hikes as possible.

Lastly, could you share any insights or plans you have for future projects?
I would really like to make the long version of my short. I am also writing a series that I will present to Belgian distributors at the end of the year. Crossed fingers !