Imre Mazlo

Could you briefly describe your project for our audience?
This is a 30 minute story of the last First Secretary of the Hungarian People's Republic. He is not a person driven by some lofty interest but by a far worse and most evil force. Money, greed for power, untouchability, stupidity and materialism. I believe there are people around having always respected all the ten commandments without failure in their lives, but I have never ever met one like that. We are not without sins, but we must strive for the good. My film demonstrates how easy it is to make mistakes one after the other, and even in one morning break all the fundemantals that make a person human.

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What were your main aspirations or goals when creating this project?
I would like to open the eyes of many people towards those who, because of some idea or some selfish reasons devote their possible salvation for the sake of a better eartlhly life. I think there is a kind of self sacrifice arising from human ignorance combined with some false sense of untouchability, thereby distorting the judgement of strong, upright people. I am convinced that holy people do not sacrifice the salvation of their souls, they are good because they obey God's rules and laws, since they want to get to heaven. We can say they are driven by self interest. On the contrary, those who, such as criminals and politicians, throw away the eternal orders in the hope of earthly prosperity. Here, too, we can distinguish between two types of criminals and politicians. The good criminal, so to speak, breaks God's commandments in order to help those in need, like some kind of Robin Hood. He takes it from the rich and gives it to the poor, knowing that he will most likely not go to heaven because of it. Despite everything, he accepts the punishment after life on earth. The evilish one only looks at the well-being of himself and his immediate environment. A good politician chooses the wrong path because he has sworn to protect his state and its people. Therefore, if necessary, he starts a war, lies, even kills.

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Share some memorable moments from the shooting process or any pleasant surprises.

Based on my experience so far, it was the easiest shoot. I worked with a very small, but all the more professional crew. Everyone was touched by the film's message for the first time. It is not visible in the recording, but the one apartment in which we see the actions was recorded in four locations and no rent was charged for any of them. Perhaps the most surprising thing was that when they heard the story, no one wanted to make a quick buck out of it.

Who is the primary target audience for your film, and what do you hope they will take away from it?
I would not like it to be a film just for the target group, because we have revealed something valid for all of us in it. It tells the same thing to the elderly and parents that it is not too late to change, but also to the children and young people that it is their time. Being good is sexy!

What makes your project an appealing choice for potential distributors?
Because it conveys something that many people have already tried to "shove" down people's throats - with more or less success - but perhaps in this form the story is even more original and contemporary. In the past, opening up a set of problems that still exists now in the light of the universal commandments was a suitable challenge and I feel that it achieved the expected result.

How would you define your unique filmmaking style, and what distinct qualities characterize your film?

Based on a very sharp script, it is a tragedy saturated with humor, which, depending on its possibilities and limits, can even be a "guidance" for life with some grandeur.

What inspired you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
It was a teenage dream. Acting never particularly interested me. It was the background work that got me. Then I thought about it once in the USA and enrolled in advertising and marketing, where I also studied filmmaking. I started there at the amateur level. Unfortunately, I have not been an artist in filmmaking since then, but I have become a good industrialist.

Do you have a filmmaker or source of inspiration who has influenced
your work?
I don't have a real film role model. There are directors and writers who have influenced me to some extent when I was young. Such is Peter Greenway, who is one of the greatest for me, along with Stanley Kubrick.

Share a couple of your favorite films and what resonates with you about them.
Difficult question, there are many... but perhaps P.G.: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, then Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead, Adrian Lyne: Jacob's Ladder, Stanley Kubrick: Pahts of Glory: Paths of Glory

Where do you typically find inspiration for your film projects?
Since I don't yet have many opportunities to receive better and better offers on various topics, I mostly pay attention to the stories in my immediate environment. This is how many ideas came about, any of which could be a box office success, not just an artistry. So life has given me the most inspiration so far.