The Cutting Room

Screenplay, Short Script   | United Kingdom

A censor is given an impossible task - making a family-friendly cut of Psycho - and faces an ultimate question: what comes of censorship, and what will come of him?

Written by Toby Smith

The Other Half

Student, Short   | United Kingdom

Ash conforms to wearing a moustache like everybody else, but he has to admit its fakeness to save Nadia from the town's adversity

Directed by  Alina Stefania Ilin

An Astrophysicists' Picnic

Short Script   | United Kingdom

Cooper, a lover of all things space, spends his evening gazing at the stars peacefully... that is until he spots an unusual speck hurdling towards him in the sky.

Written by Teodora Pancheva  

Playing God's Game

Short Script   |  United Kingdom

Just when God thought life was getting boring, one human being throws him a curve ball, that's not according to his plan.

Written by Teodora Pancheva  


Documentary, Short   |  United States
A True Story - Short Documentary

Dive deep into the heart of Indonesia's Borneo jungle with 'THE CURSE EFFECT.' This riveting mini-documentary delivers never-before-seen footage of one of the most feared tribes on earth, Suku Dayak. Enter a world of the tribe's private way of life known for its voodoo traditions, daily rituals, and historical enemy headhunting. Defying the odds as a foreign outsider, filmmaker Gregg Jaden miraculously earned the tribe's trust, gaining access to film them like never before... at the tribe's land. Uncovering the mystery of a voodoo curse and their fight against a deadly, unseen evil.

Jaden's journey immerses you in the tribe's everyday existence, rituals, and resilience in the face of the curse's deadly grip on Keanu Haridanus. In this suspenseful rare journey to forbidden lands, 'THE CURSE EFFECT' uncovers the harrowing experience of a man living under a life-threatening voodoo curse, chilling tales from locals, and the tribe's magical spiritual ancestor connection that's helped them survive for centuries in the Borneo jungle.

Experience 'THE CURSE EFFECT,' a compelling blend of fear, magic, and a life-or-death struggle, as Jaden leads you through a world unknown, teetering on the edge of good vs. evil.

Directed by  Gregg Jaden   

Three boys

Short   |  Italy

Bertinoro, 1972. Thirteen-year-old friends Carmelo, Michele and Salvatore, run away from home towards Ravenna, with the hope of boarding a ship that will take them to America.
The whole village mobilized to search for the three young boys. Now far away, after a long walk in the surrounding woods, they boarded the train that took them to Ravenna. At the port, however, they found something bigger than themselves: the side of the huge, inaccessible ship saw them forced to change their plans. Lost in the city, they will come up against their inexperience and a seemingly hostile world.
Three boys, the possibilities of life and escape as a choice or as a search for freedom.

Directed by Gianfranco Boattini

Section 2

Short   |  United Kingdom

Section 2 is the name of the mental health act explored in this film.

Set against the grim reality of an overstretched National Health Service in the UK. We follow a tender and intimate story of childhood, friendship and the pain of mental illness. On day 28 of Cam's detainment his girlfriend Kay, childhood friend Pete, and key worker Rachael, navigate the hours before Cam’s outcome is decided.

Directed by Robyn Rainsford